TBOOK (TBAO) MN25 problèmes et solutions

@Hujk5 j’ai également cherché le “secure boot” mais je n’ai rien trouvé. Un comparatif (avec un utilitaire) entre le bios du MN25 et celui du UM250 montre que le menu “secure boot” est absent du bios du premier alors qu’il est présent sur le second.
Je ne sais pas si il est possible de rajouter la fonction ou si il est possible de “modder” le bios de l’UM250 afin qu’il s’adapte totalement sur notre modèle. Je vais aller chercher de l’aide ailleurs.

EDIT : As-tu testé de flasher le bios du MN27 ? C’est le même processeur. La seule chose qui diffère c’est la fréquence de l’horloge, mais sinon tout est similaire, même leur date de sortie :
Le bios du MN27 a été mis a jour pour W11, donc avec fTPM et secure boot, ça devrait marcher sur le MN25.
Voici un lien si tu te sens de tester : https://transfert.free.fr/x1sDZS

Tiens nous au courant !

@Zekita menu is not present, so for the moment “secure boot” is not available. I’ll try to figure out how to activate it.

Le fait que ce soit un ryzen 5 et l’autre un 7, ne change rien ?

@rqdb Je confirme que le BIOS MN27 fonctionne et que toutes les options nécessaires sont présentes

@Hujk5 excellente nouvelle !
En fait ce sont exactement les deux mêmes processeur, mais l’un est “bridé” à une certaine fréquence (Ryzen 5) tandis que l’autre ne l’est pas (Ryzen 7).

And with this bios is the processor “good for win 11”?

@Zekita, not for the moment, but at least TPM and secure boot are already working :wink:

@rqdb With the MN27 bios from Hujk5 link and using AFUWINGUIx64 v I got
b-error: ROM hole not exist.
What am I doing wrong?

@Zekita I don’t know. I flashed without error with AFUWINGUIx64. I just checked “program all blocks”.

Me too, that’s what I did :cry:

@Zekita, you can try to flash bios with Afuefi.

@rqdb I’m afraid about the correct parameters to chose

@Zekita, it should be :

  • /B Program Boot Block.
  • /P Program Main BIOS.
  • /K Program all non-critical blocks.
  • /N Program NVRAM.

@rqdb Thanks I will try.
Where to enter the rom file name? Just put the rom in the same folder.
Have you tied the Afuefi yourself?

@rqdb I tried again with AFUWINGUIx64 disabling the Rom Holes setting and when trying to flash came out the error:
bb - Error: Rom image layout detected Rom Hole is redesigned.
Is this because of the previous MN25 edited bios?

@rqdb Forget my previous posts. Already done!
Command prompt as administrator and using:
AFUWINx64.EXE fp5r06_4xmem_win11_ami.rom /p /b /n /k /l /reboot
That is what flashwin.bat says!
Waiting for the processor to be win 11 capable.

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About MN25 edited bios, I didn’t send the edited version (by mistake) ! So it was just an unlocked version. You can not flash edited version with AFUWIN, you have to use an other tool.

Well done !

Envoi en cours : Tbao.jpg…
Hello! Is still somebody out there to help me? My Tbao died while working, the only apparent reason is the marked smd component that burnt. Can someone tell me what the original one shall be and what it is? Thanks a lot.

I’m not succeding to upload the image inside the message, neither a link to onedrive.
It’s the component adjacent to ref PFB4, located on the CPU side, below the connector of the backup battery (cables red and black).

Hi @Zekita. The SMD component burned is probably a capacitor (pic quality is not good enough to be sure). It is probably not the cause of your PC failure but an effect. You should better buy an other mainboard if you find one than trying to fix this one.
Good luck !

@rqdb Thanks a lot for your support. May be difficult to find a spare motherboard. The component seems to be equal to one nearby labeled as fb17 that is a “rectifier”. Something I noticed is that the thermal past was kind of hard on the fan side. That day it booted normaly and sometime after just died! :frowning:

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