Windows bugged after the update

I’ve updated an old pc from windows 7 to 10. After an update that occured a few days ago, when I click the power button, the pc loads, gets into the pin stage. And when I try to login, it does nothing but a short flash that appears as if you’d click f5 in a brower, but really quick.

I’ve no options in the menu, but to shutdown the computer manually from power button. The computer always gets very noisy. As if I’d run a game on max settings and the pc would work at its 100% capability.

How can I reformat/login/do anything? I’ve no way to reach safe mode, nor the windows screen, as I have no options available. Where the power icon appears, it only tells me something about power consumption. Which lets me do nothings.

Faced same thing.

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Great article, but it would be nice if you added an example with navigation.