Vega 56 vs Rtx 2060 vs gtx 1660 ti
13-05-2019, 10:04 AM,
Vega 56 vs Rtx 2060 vs gtx 1660 ti
I'm upgrading my gpu soon and originally I considered just getting the Rtx 2060 but then started doubting my decision when I saw the price to performance of the cheaper vega 56 and 1660ti which I can save some money on and have enough budget for somthing else like a ram upgrade. Is there anyone with any advice?

I mainly use my system for gaming most recently I've been playing games like Witcher 3, Deus ex mankind devided, Apex legends and Dota 2

My setup :

Ryzen 5 2600x 8gb 2666 ddr4 ram Rx 560 4gb gpu 250gb ssd 3tb hdd A320 mobo
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RE: Vega 56 vs Rtx 2060 vs gtx 1660 ti
We're following up to our GeForce GTX 1660 Ti review with an even more ample 33 game benchmark test.

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