Is there anyone using tablet mode ??
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Is there anyone using tablet mode ??
Not a joke, i am really struggling to believe that there is even one dude in the whole world using this 'awesome' windows feature...

Just a reminder, the whole point of this mode is to enhance the user experience when using his tablet without a keyboard and mouse.

To do that, this mode make some button, some spacing bigger to let our big fat finger select stuff accurately (which is fine), but the most important is that it automatically show a virtual keyboard when clicking on a text field. Back to windows 8, the virtual keyboard would pop up and 'push' the other program making so it doesnt cover the text field. This feature has been removed from windows 10 for whatever reason, and now when the keyboard open it just go in front of every other program, hiding what is behind it.

a workaround to still make touch keyboard push other window is to have this window in 'windowed' form instead of 'maximized', or 'fullscreen' form. But where it becomes hard to believe it's that tablet mode basically FORCE FULLSCREEN on every program, so that giving the user no other choice that to have the virtual keyboard hide half of the program behind it...

It makes tablet mode completelly useless and broken compared to desktop mode, so is my question.

Did anyone find any interest in this feature and use it regulary ?

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