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Who do you think are the top 3 families/households on Gogglebox at the moment? And for good measure who are the worst.

Mine are

Giles and Mary - after a shaky start they are now regularly hilarious. Giles in particular gets a least 3 great moments per show. "And this is why we don't want our daughter to go on a gap year. She'll go across a rope bridge, because all her friends say it's safe. And then crocodiles will eat her."

The Moffats - Scarlett was my favourite until Giles went into overdrive this year. Still great value though. "I'm not tekking political advice from a fuckin' hobbit!"

The Siddiquis - consistently witty and insightful. "It's called Britain's Got Talent, not Britain's Got Talent and Emotional Issues."

Honourable mentions: June and Leon, Sandy and Sandra, the Michaels, Jenny and Lee, The Malones, Ellie and Izzi

On the way out?: Steph & Dom - barely on it anyway now, Chris & Stephen - getting a bit repetitive, The Tappers, The Gilbeys - why did they bring them back, The vicar - boring proselytising has had its day, Wordenwebers - not the same since Jay left, David and Shirley - is Shirley an actual vegetable?

The worst - The Tourettes kid family. Are we supposed to be laughing at his Tourettes?? Not cool. The parents? Not funny.